Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sex and The Single Girl

Hence the picture I will honestly say I miss it. I would have loved a racier one. 
End of Sentence.
I wish we could have stayed that way forever.
Didn't happen I am burning our journal I wish I had wine or better yet tequilla. 
And a stress relieving effin spanking but oh well there's always next year.
.And to think I wrote about the four types of love 
.Wow what a difference six months makes


  1. When JJ and I started DD last spring, your blog was one of the first I discovered. It seems you have gone from liking each other to now being single. I don't know what happens, but I am sad. Sad for you, sad for your relationship. Obviously, DD doesn't fix everything. I will be praying for you.


  2. All of you who run around posting that dd is the only way to have a true connection...obviously not. My guy and I don't practice dd and we have an intense connection. I came upon these blogs one day and was sickened at all the pious posts about how its too bad that others can't have what dd practicers have. Lol, whatever.
    Youre a bunch of holier than thou writers living a lifestyle that you're embarrassed about as you won't let friends and family know who you are.
    This blog here that I'm commenting on is proof that your lifestyle is simply a kink, NOT a better way, as the author of this blog lost everything, despite that' connection' that supposedly only dd gives.

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