Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yeah, I am a submissive wife.

It never ceases to amaze me the stereotypes submissive women are given. Do the people that think we are meek, passive, boring, did I say meek, powerless or sick, ever stop to think about the truth. I think that every woman has a submissive side, some tend to have a stronger side than others. I was one of the most controlling, domineering women you would ever meet. I, and I, emphasize I, brought DD to my husband. I was tired of the tension and unresolved emotions festering up between us. I struggle everyday with my submission and I have to tell myself that this is my choice. I make that choice because I know what the outcome is. I love my husband and have always had traditional values inside of me. I love the fact that I can say without a doubt that my husband and I will make it through each and every obstacle together for the rest of our lives. I also believe that those people that say christians are switching DD around so that they can live out their kinks missed a few things in the book I read.  If I can remember correctly God did leave us with a handbook on life, he also included a chapter on marriage and our roles as husband and wife. Submission is mentioned a few times and I believe it said something about, to our husbands, I could be wrong. If I am please correct me. I also believe that since DD is consensual that leaves submission on the wives part voluntary. I know that submission is the key ingredient in DD. I know that I can say I want a traditional male led relationship, but if I do not let him lead I will never have one. It is all common sense. Us submissive woman have enough blind faith, trust, and love in our husbands we have decided that we are going to be females and let our men take care of us. You should not knock it, unless you've tried it. Ask any DD wife if she is unhappy, or if she feels abused. We are human and we have bad days too, but we don't wonder where our husbands are or if they are mad at us, trust me WE KNOW. I am not going to get into the issue of stereotypes right now but guess what we don't spend thousands of dollars on marriage counseling and then another couple on alimony. Instead we tend to spend it on more resourceful things like paddles, no.. just kidding. We spend it on our kids or each other.  We might take family vacations and enjoy each others company cause, oh yeah, another thing about DD our kids are secure, happy, well adjusted and loved. Now tell me can you women out there that are controlling, nagging, etc.  picture your 50th anniversaries? That's what I thought..
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