Thursday, March 25, 2010

Common Spanking Implements

Hairbrush: Hairbrush is one of the common, easily available and inexpensive spanking implements. The backside of the hairbrush is used for spanking. It is normally made of wood, but sometimes it could be made of plastic also. It can be used very effectively while the wife is placed OTK.

Wooden Ruler: Usually a wooden ruler is not as painful as a hairbrush or a wooden paddle because of its light weight. If a ruler is used for spanking, it should be held perfectly flat (at the point of impact), otherwise bruising could occur easily where the edge hits. It could be used while the wife is in OTK position.

Paddle: A spanking paddle is a usually wooden instrument with a long, flat face and narrow neck, so called because it is roughly shaped like the homonymous piece of sports equipment, but existing in more varied sizes and dimensions, (length, width and thickness) used to administer a spanking. Historically, wooden paddles for spanking were most popular in the U.S.A. They always make a loud noise. The actual pain depends very much on the clothing worn, the paddle's size, material and weight, and how hard it is swung. Paddles with holes drilled through the board sting more because the holes reduce the air resistance and prevent the building of an air cushion.    

Belt: The belt is commonly used for spanking in Latin America. With the belt there is a risk that it might warp around the waist and could hurt the front portion. To avoid this the belt should be double folded to get a better control. It does not leave bruises or welts.

Strap: Another implement which is quite convinient for spanking. Leather straps are thinner and shorter variations of the belt, and better designed for spanking.

Tawse : Tawse is a traditional implement for spanking in Scotland. It is like a strap but its flat surface is divided into two or more "tongues". They are said to be extremely painful and can also bruise a lot.

Birch: A birch rod (also known as a "birchrod" or simply a "birch") is a bundle of thin birch twigs bound together. Throughout written history up to the 19th century, the birch rod, next to various kinds of whips, was the most popular spanking implement in Europe. Birch rods are only painful if used on the bare skin. Even a thin layer of clothing absorbs much of their effect because the individual twigs are very thin and lightweight. The pain produced by this implement begins surprisingly mild but increases cumulatively with the number of strokes. Birching leaves a criss-cross of thin red lines on the skin. These look serious, but will usually disappear within a few hours - they are actually not half as bad as the bruises produced by a strap or cane. Birches (and some types of willow) are the only trees whose twigs are thin and flexible enough for this purpose. The rods should be prepared freshly (i.e. used on the same day they are cut from the tree). When they dry out, they become brittle, lose flexibility, and break easily. Soaking them in water will give them even more flexibility and reduce breaking. Also be warned that the room in which a birching was given will need cleaning of the broken-off twigs afterwards.

Cane: Cane is one of the most severe spanking implement. It is regarded as a traditional implement for spanking in Britain. It cannot be used while the wife is in OTK position. The wife has to bend over to receive the cane, as it stretches the skin and exposes more surface of the bottom available for the strokes of the cane to land. When the stroke of the cane lands on the bottom there would be a initial pain due to impact and after a few seconds the sting could be felt. Caning on bare bottom is stings a lot and usually leaves a mark on the skin. The thicker and heavier canes causes more bruising than the thinner and lighter ones. If anyone wants to use it, then the rattan cane, which is flexible, should be used. The bamboo canes is inflexible and it might split and cut the skin and should never be used. Usually a few strokes of cane has enough effect. It could be used for handing out a severe discipline quickly.

Riding Crop: Riding Crop is a stick-like striking implement with a small flap of leather (or leather-like) material at the tip. It is commonly used in horseback riding to gain a little speed in the saddle. The crop can be used on bare bottom for spanking in a number of ways that vary the intensity of the blows. With a flick of the wrist and an almost stationary arm it can produce a small slap to the skin. With the addition of even the slightest bit of arm movement it can produce a deep bruise. Riding Crop can be used for spanking to provide sharp stings.

The above mentioned implements are not the only implements that are used for spanking. Rather these are the most commonly used implements. There could be other implements which could be used effectively for spanking.


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  3. I am new to this and Ive been a very naughty girl.I am to recieve my very first severe punishment spanking ever.I am to tell him what to use on me and how many strokes I should recieve.Any suggestions on what type of implement to tell him to use on me and how many strokes I am to recieve to get an extremely severe spanuking besides the cane.

  4. So, need to have MORE implements--lists all the basic ones, but what about the Spatula,Wooden Spoon, Slipper, Ping Pong Paddles, etc.?!!